Video Wall Controller

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2U chassis, powered by an 8th Gen Intel i5, entry level controller with 4x 4K outputs and the option to add up to 4x HDMI inputs. Suitable for small to medium walls which don’t require a lot of sources on display simultaneously.


4 PCIe Slot chassis, powered by a 9th Gen Intel i7, mid-level controller for small numbers of input and outputs, with the power to run multiple software sources.


7 PCIe Slot chassis with a powerful XeonW processor, perfect for running multiple software based sources such as web pages or KVM views.


4U Rack mounted system with big expansion capabilities. Suitable for large numbers of inputs and outputs.

The Complete Video Wall Controller Solution that delivers Endless Customisation & Absolute Control

Lucidity Video Wall Contoller has been developed by UVS and is only one option within our wide range of Video Wall Controller solutions.

Video Wall Controllers offer a modular solution for any media or video wall application where multiple displays and multiple sources require controlling.

Our controllers can be configured to suit any specific project requirements and, as they are designed directly by UVS, we can offer bespoke solutions and a wide range of options.

Lucidity Video Wall Cotrollers are provided with the Lucidity Video Wall Controller Software, which provides for simple control of the media/video wall via templates and presets.

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