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WBD103 Video Wall Controller

WBD103 Video Wall Controller

The WBD103 is a small format video wall controller designed for turning a single or two large displays in to a video wall, allowing the display of a number of network sources such as web pages, VNC sources, RSS feeds and a limited number of IP decodes.

WBC10-W3 Video Wall Controller

2U chassis, powered by a Xeon W3 with 64GB of RAM, entry level video wall controller with 4x 4K outputs and the option to include IP stream decoding to allow the display of IP cameras and HDMI sources via HDMI-IP encoders.  Suitable for small to medium video walls.

WBC30 Video Wall Controller

WBC30 Video Wall Controller

3 PCIe Slot chassis, powered by a powerful i9 processor, with 32GB DDR5 RAM, small video wall controller for small numbers of input and outputs, with the power to run multiple network based sources.

WBC50 Video Wall Controller

WBC50 Video Wall Controller

5 PCIe Slot chassis with a powerful Xeon W3 processor, video wall controller, perfect for running multiple software based sources such as web pages or KVM views and 5 slots available for multiple input and output cards.

WBC70-W3 Video Wall Controller

WBC70-W3 Video Wall Controller

7 PCIe Slot chassis with a powerful XeonW processor, video wall controller, perfect for running multiple software based sources such as web pages or KVM views.

WBC90 Video Wall Controller

4U Rack mounted system with big expansion capabilities. This video wall controller is suitable for large numbers of inputs and outputs.

WBC110 Video Wall Controller

As the largest video wall controller in our range, the WBC110 houses 11 slots and offers vast potential for expansion, with the power to support large video wall configurations.

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Endless customisation capabilities with our sophisticated video wall controller


Our Lucidity video wall controller has been developed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. Offering a sophisticated solution which is straightforward in set-up and operation, our Lucidity video wall controllers can be tailored to the specific needs of each project and configured to maximise the potential of any display.

Manufactured in-house by our dedicated team of expert engineers, our controllers come equipped with our video wall software, which offers seamless integration with hardware from any manufacturer.

Entirely customisable, the software allows for individual presets and templates tailored to each user.

We also supply video wall controllers produced by external manufacturers. Get in touch with our team today to find out more about which system would best suit your requirements.

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