Video Wall Screens

LCD video walls

Cost effective solution
Ultra low bezel options to 1.8mm pixel to pixel

Industrial LCDs offer a cost-effective solution for use in all types of multi-screen video walls.

LCDs are available with ultra-narrow bezels (pixel to pixel distance of adjacent screens) with 3.5 or 1.8mm being the current most common sizes.

For control room applications the industrial LCDs are 24/7 rated and employ features such as ‘pixel shifting technology’ to reduce risks of pixel memory retention.

UVS are also certified partners and installers for the incredible Barco UniSee LCD solution, which offers unparalleled colour depth and auto colour balancing across the complete video wall with unique fast servicing features.

The current common video wall LCDs sizes (with narrow or ultra-narrow bezels) are 49 and 55-inch.

For non-24/7 video wall applications, LCD’s are available with sub 24/7 hour per day ratings and generally require a lower investment.

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LED video walls

Completely seamless video wall canvas
Sub 1mm pixel pitch available

UVS has a wide range of LED video wall technology to suit specific project requirements, with LED pixel pitches from sub 1mm up to 20mm.

With the increasing resolution of LED video wall modules, they are now becoming of great interest for larger control room video wall applications, as well as stunning large-format media/presentation walls within corporate, broadcast and auditorium installations.

Options of front access for maintenance and remote mounting of power supplies now allows LED video wall technology to be installed in challenging environments.

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Rear projection (cube) video walls

Virtually seamless video wall canvas
12+ years operational lifetime

Rear projection (cube) solutions are being used less with the improvements in LCD and LED technology, however, they are still used in control room applications where large static images need to be constantly displayed.

Using the latest LED illumination rear projection technology provides an operational life of 12+ years.

UVS also has a ‘universal’ rear projection upgrade engine available. This is used to upgrade older lamp illuminated or early LED illuminated cubes to the latest projector technology.

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Transparent LookThru OLED Display Creates Truly
See-Through Installations

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We offer a wide range of display technologies to suit your specific control room requirements. Depending on your needs, including budget, the most suitable options of display technology can be proposed.

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