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    Control via a Mobile Device


Quick Creation of Wall Layouts, Presets and Templates

Remote Control

Remote Control Your Sources via any mobile device.

The Complete Wall Management Solution that delivers Endless Customisation & Absolute Control

Simple and efficient control of your media or video wall application is essential for any control room or corporate presentation solution.

The Lucidity Video Wall Manager Control Platform, by UVS, has been designed from the ground up, to be not only fully functional, but simple to use.

UVS have over 70 years’ experience in the video wall control market and this experience has evolved in to the Lucidity Video Wall Manager platform.

Each of the features within Lucidity have come directly from customer feedback over many years.

The Lucidity Video Wall Manager Control Platform allows for multiple source types including RSS / message box tickers, physically attached sources e.g. HDMI, IP Camera / IPTV streams, Web Pages and even Remote Desktop Display & Control (LVC – Lucidity View & Control)

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