Flow and Operations Control Rooms

The latest video wall technology is ensuring that real-time data is keeping the surge in online orders flowing, out of the warehouses, to your door.

The growth in the popularity of internet shopping has created a surge in demand for video wall technology for flow and operations control rooms, to help manage orders and deliveries.

The rapid rise in the number of people shopping online since the first Covid-19 lockdown means that the need to be able to deal with large amounts of data from multiple sources has become more important than ever in the retail sector.

Flow and operations control rooms are used by huge retailers like Amazon and Next to monitor the ‘flow’ of incoming orders, the collection of the products via the robotic systems in the warehouses, and their dispatch.

They are a control or operations room for the retail sector, monitoring data rather than the multiple video sources associated with a traditional security control room.

More and more retailers now require this fast, reliable technology to help them manage demand.

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To help retailers process the enormous quantity of online orders, large amounts of real-time data need to be available and on show to staff in Flow and Operations Control Rooms.

This is provided by the latest video wall technology, allowing decisions to be taken instantly and when production flow issues occur.

The ability to display and control multiple data sources on the video wall, including web browser applications and process workstations, allows operations staff to immediately react and resolve any of these flow issues.

Integration between the video wall control software and process applications can provide automatic alerts to flow room staff, allowing issues to be identified immediately.

Fully-automated product picking systems require a high level of automated data presentation to the video wall display system, which the UVS Lucidity video wall controller and software solution provides.

Lucidity also allows CCTV images of the process to be displayed when there are issues, so flow room staff can quickly direct maintenance colleagues to the right area.

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Flow and Operations Control Rooms
Flow and Operations Control Rooms
Having a high quality and resilient monitoring wall is essential in providing a world class service that’s help keep the city safe, moving and healthy. The monitoring wall provides the technology and framework for effective public space surveillance which is an integral element to provide first class images which can be used to help bring offenders to justice.
Peter Anderson | Bristol City Council
Head of Connected City Service

Process, Utilities & Nuclear -

Corporate AV, Retail & Digital Signage -

Data Centres & IT Infrastructure Monitoring -

Transport & Traffic Control -

Process, Utilities & Nuclear

We provide entirely bespoke multi display video wall solutions for control room applications within the energy, process, utilities and nuclear sectors. Our team of expert engineers have high-security clearances for working in these locations, and we have successfully completed numerous installations in these demanding environments.

At UVS, we’ve invested substantially in developing the most efficient and flexible video wall solutions. This provides control room operators with the best tools for continuously monitoring and responding to the dynamic changes that can be expected within these industries.

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Gassco ops centre video wall
Gassco Ops Centre
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Corporate AV, Retail & Digital Signage

At UVS, we offer a range of AV displays, interactive displays, digital signage and video wall technology for use in corporate and retail settings, allowing businesses to customise their workspace with creative display solutions.

Our solutions can provide an effective platform for raising brand awareness, increasing customer engagement, and for participating in collaborative activities, including group learning.

We offer expert consultation services at the beginning of every project, and our team is dedicated to designing and building bespoke multi display video wall solution that is effective and tailored to the individual needs of each client.

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Uvs work with the moneysupermarket group
MoneySuperMarket Group
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Data Centres & IT Infrastructure Monitoring

Our comprehensive multi display video wall solutions can accommodate all of the different types of data commonly required for display within these IT-centric operations centres. This normally includes a mixture of CCTV security and system data, such as multiple URL dashboards and remote workstations.

Simple to operate and entirely customisable, our multi display video wall solutions also allow integration with third-party systems, streamlining operations and allowing for optimal productivity.

We offer year-round technical support and servicing as part of our competitive maintenance package. Completed by our dedicated team of experienced engineers, we’re committed to ensuring all of our solutions continue to perform effectively and efficiently.

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Bristol city council operations centre
Bristol City Council
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Transport & Traffic Control

The UVS team has decades of combined experience in designing and installing bespoke control room solutions for traffic and transport operations centres, including urban traffic control, motorway regional operations centres and rail/tram applications.

Designed and produced with longevity in mind, our hardware and software is both reliable and durable, providing high-quality visual display solutions for important and safety-relevant data 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Beginning with an in-depth consultation to gain further information about the specific requirements of the project, our teams are committed to producing a reliable command and control solution that is simple to operate.

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Sheffield urban traffic control centre – video wall display
Sheffield Urban Traffic Control Centre
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