Wolverhampton city council hosts the urban traffic control centre (utc)

Wolverhampton City Council upgrades Urban Traffic Control Centre video wall

Wolverhampton City Council’s urban traffic control centre (UTC) has been fitted with the latest in video wall display and controller technology thanks to a collaboration involving SWARCO, Intech Solutions and Ultimate Visual Solutions (UVS).

Based on their previous work for the city council, Intech Solutions were asked to provide a new video wall solution for the UTC, which needed to incorporate the latest technology and provide new functionality to allow multiple data sources, in addition to CCTV images, to be displayed alongside each other.

Due to their extensive working relationship, Intech Solutions discussed the detailed requirements with UVS and a detailed evaluation of the proposed technology was carried out by Wolverhampton UTC, its traffic systems integrator SWARCO and Intech Solutions.  


The requirements included:

  • Fast and simple control of the video wall by multiple operators, with a centralised touch panel control 
  • Ability to view up to 140 simultaneous IP CCTV streams from the install NOW Wireless CCTV system 
  • Ability to control web applications on the video wall
  • A collaboration facility where visitors can securely share content on the video wall 
  • Inputs from local workstations
  • Future proofing for additional inputs at a later date
  • Ability to view content of video wall remotely


UVS has now installed a video wall comprising 15 (5×3) 55-inch Barco Unisee bezel-less displays, using a UVS Lucidity WBC90 video wall controller with a wide range of source inputs including workstation HDMI, collaboration device, 140x IP video stream decoding and display, web page data and dynamic message box information. 

Steve Murphy, Managing Director of UVS, said: “Wolverhampton City Council’s urban traffic control centre plays a key role in keeping traffic moving and keeping the public informed about potential issues. We are delighted to have been involved in upgrading the video wall and providing the best technology possible.

Wolverhampton currently hosts the Urban Traffic Control Centre (UTC) for the Black Country. Digital technology is used to monitor the network and maximise the efficiency of traffic movements, integrate signal timings and respond to incidents. 

Many data sources are integrated to increase the intelligence and behaviour of the network. 


Examples of use include:

  • Influencing road users by gating techniques to encourage alternative routes 
  • Reacting to specific events e.g. Railway station exit, post football match 
  • Prioritising travel corridors based on air quality to comply with national/ legislative requirements 
  • Providing journey time, traffic flow and travel data for public 


UVS, based in the Burnley First – Burnley Business Centre, provides video wall displays and audio-visual solutions to a range of clients across the UK and the rest of the world. It is led by four senior colleagues who, between them, have more than 75 years’ combined Audio Visual, Control Room and Visual Solutions experience.

Intech Solutions specialises in technical furniture and control room fitouts in the UK and across the world. SWARCO traffic technology group is headquartered in Wattens near Innsbruck, Austria. 

For further information on our products and services, get in touch.

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