Uvs team complete one million uninterrupted hours during lockdown

UVS installations complete one million uninterrupted hours during lockdown

Installations around the world by Ultimate Visual Solutions (UVS) have completed more than one million hours of uninterrupted operation since March when Covid-19 lockdown began.

The video wall technology experts currently have almost 250 installations in 18 countries, ranging from the UK and US to Vietnam and Tanzania.

UVS Managing Director Steve Murphy said all the sites had operated continuously since lockdown began in March.

The company, based in Burnley, launched a full suite of remote service access and online demonstration services to help clients during the coronavirus outbreak.

But he added: “The services are designed to provide peace of mind and support for key operational video wall technology but the reliability of our installs has meant there have been no major issues.

”As part of our customer service, we have also dealt with a number of service queries, for example, one client had an issue with a Windows update.

“These were all efficiently dealt with by either phone support or via remote connection support and in one case, a short onsite visit.”


The suite of remote services offered by UVS includes:

  • Remote diagnostics and remote maintenance for UVS video wall technology which can offer quick analysis and resolution for most issues
  • UVS engineers using remote connection software, which is fully encrypted and which the client has control over, to carry out maintenance
  • For sites where the video wall controller does not normally have an internet connection, UVS is offering to supply a 4G data dongle as part of the contract (managed and paid for by UVS) to allow clients to give internet access as required
  • Assisting clients with reduced cost annual maintenance contracts
  • A live online demonstration facility to provide full video wall technology evaluations for partners and their clients who are in lockdown or self-isolation


Technology which visitors can see in operation includes video wall solutions, displays, video wall controllers, control software, integrated VMS (video management systems for security applications) AV over IP and KVM remote access options.

UVS provides video wall displays and audio visual solutions to a range of clients across the UK and the rest of the world.

It is led by four senior colleagues who, between them, have more than 70 years’ combined Audio Visual, Control Room and Visual Solutions experience.


Featured in AV Magazine, Business mondays, Source Security, Burnley Express.

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