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The Dream Team – Local Companies Stick Together to Thrive During Lockdown

Two companies from Burnley – marketing agency Root Fifty-Two and audiovisual equipment supplier Ultimate Visual Solutions – are celebrating their working partnership, having successfully come together to adapt and thrive during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

UVS provides comprehensive design, supply, installation and maintenance services for all visual display systems, including for interactive and AV displays, and video wall applications for a range of industries. Priding themselves on their excellent customer service, much of their business pre-pandemic was acquired through the sales team hosting live demonstrations for their tech. 

In a time when the pandemic was rapidly sweeping across the country and face-to-face meetings could no longer go ahead, UVS quickly had to review their services and offer a responsive approach to their clients, adapting their operations to offer certain services digitally. As a result, their tech demonstrations moved online, and the team at Root Fifty Two supported them through this shift. 

“With the online video demonstrations, we’ve been able to effectively bring our integration partners and their clients into our demo room using a remote online system,” explains UVS Managing Director, Steve Murphy. 

“The clients see the demo room video wall technology via high-definition cameras whilst simultaneously having a view of the control software we use, so that they can see how it’s all operated in real time. The response we’ve had has been incredible, and we’re now expanding the use of this technology into our other services.” 

“As the team at UVS were facing the challenges posed by lockdown, it was our job to support them in any way that we could, the core of which involved us analysing and adapting their marketing approach to make sure we could help them in facilitating new plans to offer their services digitally, when in-person meetings weren’t possible,” says Root Fifty-Two Managing Director, Kimberley Thompson. 

“We’ve worked closely with UVS for a number of years now, and it was really a great testament to what we do that they continued to trust us with their marketing spend throughout one of the most difficult periods for industry that businesses in the UK, and globally, have ever known. Neither of us knew for sure which way it would go, but they chose to continue investing in their online marketing, and it definitely paid off! 

“Throughout lockdown, we adapted our strategies, helping them to expand their reach and continue to target new markets with PPC campaigns, regular website upgrades, monthly emails, and keyword analysis for SEO boosts. Remaining reactive throughout, our teams regularly met to brainstorm new approaches, with the ultimate goal being to maintain their revenue and help them to reach their targets. In the end, they not only reached their annual target, but exceeded it!” 

“Root Fifty-Two did an incredible job in supporting our team and helping our business continue to grow during a very difficult and uncertain time,” says Steve. “Our video demos garnered a lot of interest and were promoted via the online marketing platforms they offered, and we have been thrilled with the results. During lockdown, we’ve been able to sell our services and support our clients across the globe with our online video demos, and a key part of that success has been in the support offered by Root Fifty-Two.” 


Featured in Lancashire Business View, Burnley Express, Business Info Magazine. 

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