The eyevis touch table

Technology at Your Fingertips: the Eyevis Touch Table

At UVS, we like to offer the most versatile and interactive technology that we can, and our multi-touch tables offer just that. Designed by eyevis, this extraordinary technology was built for real operations in meeting rooms, crisis rooms and presentation spaces. So not only does the technology have an aesthetic appeal, but it also fits with the demand for mission-critical situations.

The latest in the touch table model is the T5 Multi-touch, and it is the ultimate tool for multiple users working simultaneously in meeting rooms: aiding productivity and teamwork.  The same content can be worked on by multiple users, notes made on the document itself and the content can be instantly shared on any other video wall or device required. Or it can simply be used as a highly functional presentation tool!)

The tech specs include:

  • Face-up 4K LCD 65” display for perfect picture quality
  • Ten simultaneous touch points can be used by your finger, pen or other item
  • Full support to browsing for universal access to the Web or corporate intranets.
  • Controller integrated high performance with the latest Intel CPU
  • Network Sharing Folder for instant sharing of documents on the network.
  • 3D Engine for display and manipulation of three-dimensional models with different tags to shadowing and support levels.

And many more.

As we know quality of design is also key, the touch table comes in a range of colours and appearance options. The sturdy frame comes in a choice of black or aluminium finish, and choice of glass includes single safety glass or acrylic matt surface, and includes tools for presentation in the form of a timer and countdown options. So you can have the table designed to fit the scheme you need.

The touch table is also available in models T3-092 and T3-110.

And we are proud to say that our touch table has received the seal of approval from our very own monarchy…

After a presentation using the table, our source confirmed that His Royal Highness loved the technology!


If you would like any more information about this product, please feel free to contact us on or telephone the office on 01282 606525.

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