Media Wall Controllers

UVS provide a wide range of media wall controllers to suit your specific media wall requirements. In some cases, the internal processing provided by media displays can be sufficient to meet the project requirements, if a single source or only one or two sources are to be displayed full screen across the media wall.

In other applications e.g. when multiple sources are to be displayed simultaneously and at different image sizes, then a media wall controller will be required. The controller could range from a simple matrix switcher to a media wall controller, providing picture in picture functionality within single screens, free scaling of all source inputs and a range of source input types. All this functionality can be controlled by simple media wall control software or touch screen/tablet technology.

UVS select and configure the media wall controller solution to suit the specific project requirements including:

  • Quantity of media wall displays and auxiliary displays to control
  • Display functions required e.g. only a single source image to be displayed or multiple sources simultaneously
  • Quantity and type of source inputs to be displayed on the media wall
  • Source input types e.g. workstation graphic sources via HDMI/DVI; network data sources; virtual machines, news tickers, collaborative inputs, touch screen data inputs, 24-hour TV news etc.
  • Control software requirements e.g. number of users, integration for desk mounted touch screen controller


Media Wall Controller Software

If any form of media wall controller is employed in a system, then UVS provide a suitable control software interface to facilitate simple control of the display system functionality. Preset media wall layouts can be configured and simply recalled via a touch screen or i-Pad application or automatically on a time basis, to suit specific scenarios or specific client/visitor presentations.

For more specific information on Media Wall Controllers for your application, please call UVS or complete the contact form and we will be in touch.




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