Rear Projection Displays

Rear projection (cube) solutions are still widely used in control room applications, particularly in process control and large network type installations. This is due to several key factors unique to the latest LED illuminated DLP cube technology as listed below.

UVS also has a ‘universal’ rear projection upgrade engine available. This is used to upgrade older lamp illuminated or early LED illuminated cubes to the latest projector technology, see details below.

Unique benefits or rear projection video wall technology: – Virtually zero (typically 0.6mm) pixel to pixel gap between screens, provides a seamless image for large network or process graphical data. – Ability to project a static image for an infinite period, without any image retention or screen degradation issues. – Operational life of the display >12 years, with the lifetime of the LED light source over 6 years, before requiring replacement. – Proven, extremely high MTBF for the rear projection displays and rapid exchange of a projector engine in the event of any maintenance issue.

UVS can provide rear projection (cube) displays in a wide range of screen sizes and resolutions to suit a project requirement. 50 and 60-inch cubes are available for wall mounting, with full front maintenance access. UVS has a wide range of LED video wall technology to offer to suit a specific project requirement, with LED pixel pitches from sub 1mm up to 20mm.

With the increasing resolution of LED video wall modules, they are now becoming of great interest for larger control room video wall applications, as well as stunning large format media/presentation walls within corporate, broadcast and auditorium installations.

Options of front access for maintenance and remote mounting of power supplies now allows LED video wall technology to be installed in challenging environments. We look forward to discussing your interests, please call UVS or complete the contact form and we will be in touch.



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