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New video wall controller developments

We are continually taking feedback from users of our video wall controller technology and turning the suggestions and ideas into useful new features. This activity, coupled with our constant research into new technologies that can be incorporated, ensures the UVS Lucidity solution is constantly up to date.

Our latest developments include:


Google Chrome Extension

This exciting new feature allows users to change the video wall layouts from any page in Google Chrome, as well as send the current Google Chrome page they are viewing directly to the video wall, from the Chrome application, within definable positions. As more and more web-based/intranet dash boards and content is being viewed on video walls, both in control rooms and high end corporate applications, this feature is a major benefit for users.


RGB video wall source control via virtual keyboard and mouse

This brand-new development is an extremely rare feature for a video wall controller solution. Normally, sources connected to a video wall via RGB physical connections i.e., HDMI, DisplayPort, can only be displayed on the video wall, it is not possible to have control of these sources via the video wall control software keyboard and mouse. This new Lucidity feature allows specific RGB sources to have keyboard and mouse control enabled via a USB attached device, without the need for any software installing on the device (often requiring software approval and network access on the device). This new option can improve the overall functionality and simplicity for control room and other video wall users.


RDP source control added to Lucidity

A new source type has been added to Lucidity for Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) sources. This allows the display and native control of RDP sources on the video wall from within the Lucidity Client software. This is a great new feature for allowing the remote control of workstation sources via the network, which is in addition to remote control that was already available for VNC sources.


Lucidity now able to log directly to SysLog

The Lucidity client can now be configured to direct its system logs not only to the internal Lucidity database, but also a central SysLog server. Customers will often have a SysLog server configured for monitoring all of their network devices and this is a significant benefit for the customer that Lucidity can now be a part of that.


Ease of Access

To simplify the installation of the Lucidity software at site, there is a brand-new automatic installation process, including network searchable Admin service and automatic database details retrieval. This makes it easier for our integration partners who are dealing with new client installations.


If you’d like to find out more about our range of video wall controllers, get in touch with our team today.

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