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Lucidity video wall manager integrates with Synectics’ Synergy command and control platform

We are continuing to work hard on expanding the way our Lucidity video wall controller can be used – and the latest development means it now integrates with Synectics’ Synergy command and control software platform.

Our ongoing strategic partnership with Synectics dates back more than 14 years, and the integrated Lucidity/Synergy solution is now being installed across multiple client sites.

Synectics is a global leader in the design, integration, control, and management of advanced surveillance technology, for environments where security is operationally critical.

Its Synergy command and control solution is highly flexible and user-friendly, helping to ensure customers can always access the information that counts. Mission-critical data is made manageable, meaningful, and actionable.

The companies’ first project together, utilising Synectics’ Synergy command and control platform, was for Wakefield Metropolitan Borough Council’s Urban Traffic and CCTV control room, in 2007.

The most recent Lucidity/Synergy installation includes multiple video walls and provides multiple collaboration device inputs, allowing data from mobile devices such as iPads, phones and tablets, to be instantly displayed on the video walls wirelessly via the integration.

The UVS-Synectics partnership has been involved in multiple security control room installations across the UK.

They include high security prisons, government facilities, council security and shopping centre security monitoring applications, such as Manchester’s Trafford Centre, providing hundreds of thousands of hours of protection for millions of people and multiple assets.

The integration brings significant display functionality benefits through the Lucidity video wall solution to Synergy users, including the display of multiple data sources. Any data source can be displayed anywhere on the video wall, allowing large scale viewing of data sources during specific incidents.

Via the integration, Synergy also provides detailed alarm configuration to ensure relevant data is displayed automatically when specific events occur.

Sree Namelil, Product Manager at Synectics, said: “Synergy is designed to make sure control room operatives always have the information they need when, and how, they need it. Its ability to integrate with leading third-party technologies is essential to this mission and we are delighted to have partnered with UVS on this latest development.”

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