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Lucidity beats post-Covid global supply and manufacturing delays

We are delighted that our Lucidity video wall controller technology has avoided the global manufacturing and supply delays created by the Covid pandemic and its aftermath. 

Some AV manufacturers are on one year lead times or are not taking new orders at all, but we continue to provide Lucidity clients typical lead times below eight weeks from purchase order to delivery.

And for some models of Lucidity, we have delivered and installed in record time – under three weeks.

This includes business through our UK partners and international partners, including multiple projects in Vietnam, Poland, Romania, Holland, and Ireland

We realised early on that the pandemic would seriously affect the supply chain, even before other factors such as the Suez Canal blockage in March 2021. 

We have nurtured excellent working partnerships with all our suppliers over the many years of working with them. Our respect for suppliers in the way we have always worked with them has paid dividends. 

Constant communication and liaison regarding our requirements allowed suppliers to fulfil most of our needs, with many definitely going the extra miles to assist us. 

We were also able to fulfil additional needs through our research and engagement with some new suppliers.

Also, the fact that UVS has multiple options of video wall controller technology, using different versions of input and output controller cards, has allowed us to substitute alternative controllers to fulfil urgent needs during any component issues.

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We are currently able to supply video wall controller needs within industry standard lead times, or less – contact us to discuss your interests or needs further.

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