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Innovative, Revolutionary Technology: Eyevis, Making Waves in the Projection Game in 2017…

2017 has seen an exciting eyevis design come to life, revolutionising the way we light our video wall cubes. With the new TRP projection engine, UVS can not only provide the world’s first, and most cost efficient TRP rear projection cubes, but also the simplest way to upgrade existing lamp-based projectors in DLP® cube video walls…

 Firstly, taking a look at the new DLP cube with TRP-chipset: this new LED technology has allowed us to build a hugely efficient light engine; this efficiency ensures a higher brightness than existing cubes, but with a dramatically lower power consumption. What does this mean for our customers? Essentially, lower power consumption, lower maintenance and a longer operational life…

  • Very low power consumption (typ. 63W / max. 98 W)
  • Pixel-Accurate Display (NO Warping, high image quality)
  • Mechanical robust and self-supporting (no building-kit)
  • “Real” Cube housing (no step, simple installation)
  • Engine in “Single-Module-Design” (no loose components inside the housing)
  • Fast replacement of the entire engine = very service-friendly (short MTTR)
  • Low, entry-level Price


So, what if you have already invested in a video wall, and have a fully functional operating system? What does this mean for you?

This is where the LED Upgrade comes in.

Not only compatible with existing eyevis products, but this fantastic new product will fit ANY DLP® cube, is the most cost-effective way to upgrade to LED and reduces operational costs, power, heat and noise.

For more information on all UVS technology, please contact us on or call the office on +44 1282 606525.

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