How do i control a video wall display?

How do I control data sources on a video wall display?

A video wall will normally comprise of multiple LCD video wall displays or multiple LED modules to create a single, large video wall display area.

The specific project requirements will determine what types of data sources are required for display and control on the video wall, e.g., in security monitoring applications there will be a requirement for multiple CCTV camera feeds and other workstation data sources, such as access control and surveillance system data. In data centre applications there will be a great deal of system monitoring dash boards, many of which will be web-based sources.

A video wall controller provides the technology to allow all of these data sources to be connected for display on the video wall…but how do you then control them?

The controller utilises video wall control software to allow you to display all the data sources on the video wall, in the position and size that you require. 

The control software allows you to create and easily recall multiple display formats, such as single images across multiple screens or multiple images on single screens, to suit the specific situation or situations that are being managed at anytime. 

The UVS Lucidity controller and software provides a wide range of easy-to-use features for video wall control. It also includes tools for scaling, zooming, and remote control for network workstation sources and web pages.

The controller software provides a simple interface that is designed for all users of all IT skill levels without the need for extensive training. It is vital that you choose a video wall controller that is correctly configured for your video wall and has all the functions that you require.

Make sure you choose one that will serve your needs in the long-term and is ‘future proofed’ to deal with enhanced capabilities. Your video wall controller software should provide permission settings that allow you to control the content and access for each user or user group. 

UVS provides video wall solutions for a wide range of customers around the world and our Lucidity video wall controller offers bespoke functions that can enhance any project, now matter how complicated your requirements are.

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