Electrosonic’s new control centre

UVS Technology at the Heart of Electrosonic’s New Control Centre

Technology supplied by UVS is at the centre of a new Resource and Operations Control Centre opened by international audio-visual company Electrosonic in Dartford.

The collaboration showcases the versatility and efficiency of eyevis Netpix 4900 video wall controllers as well as its eyecon wall control software suite and Capture software.

Both companies are now also using the Dartford control centre as a demonstration venue for prospective clients.

Electrosonic is an international audio-visual company that provides systems integration, technical design, project management and support of AV products and systems. It creates tailored, state-of-the-art solutions for a wide range of markets.

UVS provides video display and audio visual solutions to a range of clients and sectors and has supplied CCTV control rooms for power stations, local authorities, banks, road traffic monitoring, emergency services, blue chip retailers, security services, prisons and other Government buildings.

The eyevis technology is allowing Electrosonic to display a host of information/data on the centre’s video wall and is both an operational system in constant use as well as allowing Electrosonic to do live demonstrations to end clients regarding video wall capabilities.

UVS managing director Steve Murphy said: “We are delighted to be supporting Electrosonic at its new Resource and Operations Control. The Netpix 4900 video wall controller is allowing the engineering team at the control centre to view multiple critical data sources simultaneously.

“It is complemented by our eyecon wall control software suite, which includes the alarm management functionality allowing the video wall display to be automatically changed to appropriate layouts when different external alarm events occur, such as changes in colour on source screens, contact closure or audio volume increases.

“The software suite also allows management or authorised engineering staff to see a remote view of what is being displayed on the video wall from their own workstation/laptop, which is a feature developed based on customer requests and which has proved very successful.”

The Netpix 4900 is a network based graphic controller for the management of video wall systems, single displays or projectors. The controller creates a big joined desktop for network-applications, video and graphic sources.

Eyecon is a universal and complete software solution for the control of video wall systems including all connected sources, distribution of information and collaboration in-between different control rooms or presentation areas. The system is based on a very simple operating concept that reduces response times and hence makes the operation of large display systems even more effective and efficient.

For further information on  and how to arrange an appointment at one of its demonstration venues, go to www.ultimatevs.co.uk or telephone 01282 606525.

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