Uvs smart city projects

UVS Delivers Smart City Projects

UVS and their industry partners have successfully delivered several large Smart City security and transport Operations Centre projects across the UK.

They believe that the combination of leading technology, collaboration between all agencies and strategic overview planning are key to maximising the benefits of all the available data.

Security and control room video wall experts UVS has its equipment across the country in CCTV control rooms and Operations Centres for local authorities, banks, road traffic monitoring, emergency services, blue chip retailers, security services, prisons and other Government buildings.

IBI Group is a globally integrated architecture, planning, engineering, and technology firm which designs every aspect of a truly integrated city.

UVS managing director Steve Murphy said: “eyevis technology has been selected for Smart City type applications as it provides the highest quality solutions to meet modern requirements, such as  proven reliability in 24/7, 365 day operation, the slimmest rear projection cubes to fit into small control rooms, industrial LCD displays, touch screen technology and the most advanced video wall controller solutions.

“We provide the collaboration tools to allow the immediate sharing of important real time data from a whole range of sources…more and more importantly from mobile devices and from personnel out in the field who can relay critical images of incidents to assist the effective coordination of required agencies and personnel.”

An example of this is in the Glasgow Council Operations Centre, designed to accommodate multiple agencies and the collaboration and sharing of important data as a huge video wall dashboard.

IBI’s Kelvin Summoogum “Many would agree that the verticals such as digital technologies, data exchange between systems, IOT, etc. are merely support mechanisms that have been around in the industry for a while. But the real differentiator is how effective an authority is in making innovative, or should we say ‘smart’ use of these tools to optimise the use of their resources, reducing cost and more importantly connect and empower their citizens and stakeholders.

“Video wall gives the Operations Centre the ability to operate and manage at a city-wide level, providing detailed data from a variety of sources in one location and in the form of a city dashboard.

He added: “In this time of austerity it is also vital that cities move away from the culture of empire building among services or even agencies. We are being involved in an increasing amount of multi-agency collaboration projects where we are co-locating services and agencies such as police, fire and rescue, telecare and security alarm monitoring.

“The benefits are staggering. The skill to master here is to “sweat the asset” by getting staff trained to offer a very diverse range of services and technology used for multiple applications. Put into context, this could mean getting a parking officer (GPS tracked) to report suspicious and potentially criminal behaviour or traffic issues which could prevent the emergency services responding quickly, or even report pot holes”

He concluded with: “Successful Smart Cities are those who have been able to put a strong emphasis on leadership and governance, culture, business model innovation, and have encouraged the stakeholders in taking an active role in the creation, delivery and operations of city spaces and services in an integrated manner.”

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