Uvs commonwealth games project

UVS Completes Commonwealth Games Project

UVS is helping to keep visitors and competitors at this year’s Commonwealth Games safe after installing a major video wall system in Glasgow’s new CCTV control centre.


Uvs commonwealth games project

The company, which has bases in London and Lancashire, provides video wall displays and audio visual solutions to a range of sectors across the UK, including CCTV, security and traffic control.

Installation of commonwealth games project

The project was completed with integration partners SSUK, who installed the equipment.

85 x 55-inch industrial lcd displays

The UVS video wall system comprises 85 x 55-inch industrial LCD displays in a range of different video wall configurations and 11 x video wall controllers, which show live streams from 440 CCTV cameras around Glasgow city centre.

They are housed in the brand new, multi-million pound Glasgow Operations Centre (GOC), which will be used to protect athletes and visitors at the opening ceremony and throughout the Games.

The operations centre has pooled the use of community safety and traffic cameras throughout the city for the first time, providing controllers with access to the entire network of live and recorded CCTV footage.

UVS managing director Steve Murphy said the work highlighted how valuable video wall technology is in helping to keep people safe and providing instant updates and information to control room staff.

He said: “The centre monitors hundreds of CCTV camera images and other important data to provide real time information to the operations personnel, allowing the planning of quicker corrective actions.

“Multiple display angles, task sharing and intelligent display solutions with control features such as alarm management all lead to shorter response times and fast troubleshooting in emergency situations.

“Used on a management level they can also help to provide vast amounts of precise data and information at a glance, which helps in making quick and efficient decisions.”

For further information on UVS telephone 01282 606525 or email contact@ultimatevs.co.uk

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