Gassco, working with uvs

UVS Helps Monitor the Secure Delivery of Gas Supplies to Britain

A control room video wall system supplied by UVS is about to hit 20,000 hours of uninterrupted operation as it helps to ensure the safe supply of gas at a key terminal.

Norwegian gas pipeline operator Gassco took over management of the gas terminal in Easington on Britain’s east coast from previous operator Centrica in October 2011. UVS equipment was installed in February 2016 to upgrade the control centre video wall and provide integrated audio and touch screen control systems. The 12 55-inch screens are used to monitor process control applications and CCTV footage on a 24/7 basis and are now approaching 20,000 hours of trouble-free use.

Gassco is responsible for the safe and efficient transportation of gas from the Norwegian continental shelf and is a leading gas transporter in Europe. The Easington terminal receives gas from Norway, transported via the 1,200-km-long Langeled pipeline. It includes gas from the Ormen Lange field, which alone can cover about 20 per cent of Britain’s gas needs.

UVS managing director Steve Murphy said: “The installation replaced the old video wall system with the very latest eyevis video wall technology, whilst maintaining the existing functionality of a complex audio alarm system. It is essential that the market can rely on gas deliveries from Norway, so Gassco’s objective is to ensure safe and reliable gas transport. People who depend on gas in their daily lives must feel sure that the company will deliver as agreed and an efficient and reliable control room video system plays a key role in that objective.”

The UVS video wall comprises eyevis 55-inch extremely narrow bezel industrial LCDs with eyevis Netpix 4900 video wall controllers, complete with Eyecon control software including an alarm management module. A Crestron controller also provides operators with a fast and simple way to select specific video wall layouts and control audio channels and volume, using the devices Xpanel Virtual Touchscreen interface.

UVS provides video display and audio visual solutions to a range of clients and has supplied CCTV control rooms for power stations, local authorities, banks, road traffic monitoring, emergency services, blue chip retailers and Government buildings.

The Netpix 4900 is a network based graphic controller for the management of video wall systems, single displays or projectors. The controller creates a big joined desktop for network-applications, video and graphic sources. Eyecon is a universal and complete software solution for the control of video wall systems including all connected sources, distribution of information and collaboration in-between different control rooms or presentation areas.

The system is based on a very simple operating concept that reduces response times and hence makes the operation of large display systems even more effective and efficient.

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