The biggest contracts in company’s history

Celebrating winning some of the biggest contracts in company’s history

It has been an incredibly busy start to the year for us and we are actually performing better year-on-year than 2020, securing some of the biggest contracts in the company’s history.

UVS Managing Director Steve Murphy said: “The business that we are getting through online demos is incredible and as a result we have seen a 10 per cent rise in the official quotations and detailed system proposals we are being asked to supply.”

We have been able to in effect bring our integration partners and their end clients into our demo room facility using the remote online system. The clients see the demo room video wall technology via high definition cameras whilst simultaneously seeing the control software controlling the video wall.

We have carried out very specific demonstrations, using the same software applications that the client has in use at their site, such as SCADA, and shown how they can display and control these applications in a real time demo.

The response has been incredible and we are expanding its use. During the recent lockdown period we have supported partners and their clients with demos in Morocco, Romania, Poland, Canada, Dubai, Austria, Eire and all areas of the UK including Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.


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