M247 Network

Video wall at m247 network operations centre
12th Aug 22

One of the UK’s leading connectivity and infrastructure providers chose a videowall installed by Ultimate Visual Solutions for its busy Network Operations Centre.

M247 offers fully scalable solutions that allow businesses to grow, and owns its own network, providing wired and wireless connectivity along with hosting, security and voice services.

Its headquarters are in Manchester but the company also has offices in London and Romania. It offers a range of solutions including Fibre and Wireless Leased Lines, Hosting & Dedicated Server Solutions, Firewalls & DDoS Protection.

Our installation is made up of four industrial 49-inch 24/7 LCD displays with a narrow bezel design, resulting in a gap of only 3.5mm between the active screen areas of neighbouring displays in the videowall.

For this specific application, M247 also asked us to provide a custom processor for the video wall, capable of coming in on budget but providing extremely high processing power for multiple URLs, which provide the dashboard monitoring applications used by the M247 operations team. 

The processor features UVS supplied control software with four 4K outputs, capable of delivering content to 16 HD displays simultaneously, for web content display and network analysis.

We are delighted to have been able to deliver exactly what was required and to install market-leading equipment in what is a very important Network Operations Centre.

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