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Boom in online shopping creates demand for Flow Room technology

The increasing popularity of internet shopping has created a noticeable rise in demand for control room video wall technology to help manage orders and deliveries.

We have noticed that in the last two years, more and more retailers have been seeking high-quality screens, video wall controllers and control software to help manage the Flow Rooms they use to monitor purchases and the dispatch of goods.

The need to manage large amounts of data from multiple sources has become more important than ever in the retail sector, due to the increase in the number of people shopping online, particularly since the first Covid-19 lockdown.

Flow Rooms are used by huge retailers to monitor the ‘flow’ of incoming orders, collection of the products via the robotic systems in the warehouses and their dispatch.

They are basically a control or operations room for the retail sector, monitoring data rather than the multiple video inputs you get in a traditional security control room.

Large amounts of real time data need to be available and on show to Flow and Operations Control Room staff, allowing decisions to be taken instantly / as required and when production flow issues occur.

The ability to display and control multiple data sources on the video wall, including web browser applications and process workstations, allows operations staff to immediately react and resolve any of these flow issues.

Integration between the video wall control software and process applications can provide automatic alerts to flow room staff, allowing issues to be identified immediately.

Fully-automated product picking systems require a high level of automated data presentation to the video wall display system, which the UVS Lucidity video wall controller and software solution provides.

Lucidity also allows CCTV images of the process to be displayed when there are issues, so flow room staff can quickly direct maintenance colleagues to the right area.


Featured in AV Interactive, rAVe Publications, Business Mondays, Burnley Express.

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