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75% increase in demand for KVM solutions

We have noticed a 75 per cent increase in demand for KVM (Keyboard, Video and Mouse) solutions in the last 12 months.

KVM switching provides a method of controlling multiple computers with a single keyboard, video, and mouse. In a control room environment, KVM solutions can be used to connect multiple users to many different computers, located anywhere across the client’s estate, multiple estates or around the world.

It allows efficient real-time control and collaboration for multiple users in sectors such as security, manufacturing and traffic management.

UVS offers a range of KVM solutions and has integrated KVM functionality within its range of video wall controller technology, including its own Lucidity product.

KVM solutions fall into two main categories:

Point to point KVM solutions are generally used to extend keyboard and mouse functionality, so that computer hardware can be moved away from the user/control room environment and securely located in equipment rooms. This leaves the operators workspace free from heat generating hardware and clutter, with only a keyboard, mouse, and local monitor(s) on their operator console.

KVM over IP solutions use multiple KVM-IP transmitters, which make the keyboard, mouse, and video of multiple computer sources available on a network. Using KVM-IP receivers, these computer sources can be viewed and controlled by multiple operators using a single keyboard, mouse, and local monitors. This solution provides true scalability, providing as many computer source transmitters and user keyboard, video and mouse  receivers as required with simple and huge expansion capabilities.  


UVS Managing Director Steve Murphy said: “Things have progressed a long way from the old KVM solutions so that, for example, if someone is faced with two large monitors, each containing four separate information sources, as they move the mouse across each individual source that is the one that becomes active and the operator can directly control that source.

“KVM is the only realistic way that someone can effectively control so many data sources and increasing awareness about its capabilities along with falling costs have created a significant increase in demand.”

Based in the Burnley First – Burnley Business Centre, UVS is led by four senior colleagues who, between them, have more than 85 years’ combined Audio Visual, Control Room and Visual Solutions experience.

Find out more information about KVM solutions here, or call our team on 01282 606 525.

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