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Video Wall Controller

We assess products from a wide range of high-quality manufacturers and configure the most suitable video wall controller solution for you. This includes UVS’ own Lucidity brand as applicable.

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Video Wall Software

We use the latest video wall control software technology and are experts in creating bespoke systems to help you display the widest range of data sources, quickly and reliably.

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Video Wall Screens

Whatever the size and shape of video wall you require, we provide turnkey solutions using a full range of display technologies, including LCD, rear projection and LED.

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Setting up your visual solution


Your trusted partner to deliver high quality display solutions across the UK and beyond

Number one choice for any display or display processing requirement


The right solution to suit your project requirements and your budget!


Huge experience of delivering high quality display and video wall solutions for control rooms and other display applications
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Scalable solution

UVS systems can be purely web and/or network source inputs… systems with up to 48x HDMI type inputs, it’s a totally scalable solution

Simplicity of control

Once the control software has been used to create the required display layouts, control of the display system can then simply be via a mobile device or any browser or automated via external events

Integration to 3rd party systems

With UVS’s own Lucidity video wall controller solution, we can offer direct integration to 3rd party systems via our inhouse development team

Freedom of display technology choice

UVS partners with leading display manufacturers to offer our clients freedom of choice and the right display solution for your needs

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Bristol City Council
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